• Ken Keller

    Ken Keller

  • Ross Van Wyk @SkillUp

    Ross Van Wyk @SkillUp

    Mastery is a continuous journey, not a final destination. Here to read and write about mastering B2B software sales & building SkillUp. -> www.careerskillup.com

  • Abhi Sivasailam

    Abhi Sivasailam

    Growth/Analytics@Flexport Founder@TwoStatesConsulting. Formerly Growth/Analytics @Keap @Honeybook @Accenture

  • Michał Szleger

    Michał Szleger

    IT engineer, aspiring leader

  • Anton Kononov

    Anton Kononov

    Father & CTO

  • Pavan Kumar

    Pavan Kumar

    Product Manager at Dell

  • Jae Shin

    Jae Shin

    Founder & CEO - MOMO Board, a community message board platform. MOMOBOARD.COM

  • Christian Krause

    Christian Krause

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